AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-09More fix for portamento in it2midi.HEADmasterGravatar Chris Xiong
2020-06-08Public release of IT2MIDI.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2020-05-31Load normals from the 3DXML file, added an option for using auto smooth.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2020-04-06Add deduper (unfinished tool for finding image duplicates).Gravatar Chris Xiong
2019-03-173dxml ported to blender 2.80.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2019-02-09Cross Noodles.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2019-02-09Navigator.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2019-02-09Moving shitty stuff sitting around in the www folder here.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-11-08Added the max7219 stuff.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-09-07Short description for the 3D XML addon.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-09-07Load texture from 3dxml archive if failed to load from the provided texture d...Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-09-06Initial commit...?Gravatar Chris Xiong