10000_copies_of_w10.gitA game of stupidness. 18 months
A-Peek-Into-Virtools-Scripting.git... From a Ballancer's Perspective 12 months
QMidiPlayer.gitA free cross-platform midi file player based on libfluidsynth and Qt. 4 days
SMELT.gitSimple MultimEdia LiTerator -- a simple wrapper for interactive graphic applicat...4 months
Script-Materializer.gita.k.a. Fsck for Virtools 18 months
bullet-lab-remix.gitA bullet dodging game... with extra features 18 months
lightsd.gitAuto brightness for Linux without a complete desktop environment or systemd 10 months
minesweeperjs.gitA fancy minesweeper in your browser with multimine mode 18 months
oddities.gitJust random stuff. 10 months
sbs.gitThe stupid blogging system. 11 months
sound-of-sorting.gitSound of sorting right in your browser. 18 months
web.git(almost) everything on 2 weeks