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masterwhy didn't fail the first time?Gravatar Chris Xiong 5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 dayswhy didn't fail the first time?HEADmasterGravatar Chris Xiong
5 daystemporary libdrm include fixGravatar Chris Xiong
5 daysclang+libstdc++ still doesn't work.Gravatar Chris Xiong
5 dayschromium 98.0.4710.4 (test)Gravatar Chris Xiong
2021-11-03chromium 97.0.4688.2 (test)Gravatar Chris Xiong
2021-10-27chromium 97.0.4682.3 (test)Gravatar Chris Xiong
2021-10-21chromium 96.0.4664.18 (test)Gravatar Chris Xiong
2021-10-17add dependency of fcitx (also from gentoo-zh).Gravatar Chris Xiong
2021-10-17Rip fcitx5 from gentoo-zh.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2021-10-17fvwm3 1.0.4.Gravatar Chris Xiong