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mastercmake: generate position independent code, add missing include dirs.Gravatar Chris Xiong 11 days
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11 dayscmake: generate position independent code, add missing include dirs.HEADmasterGravatar Chris Xiong
2019-06-15Fix building of the example application.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2019-06-15DevIL supportGravatar Gary Wang
2019-06-15Basic CMake supportGravatar Gary Wang
2019-06-15Added DevIL as an option for image loader.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-02-13Fixed building on Microsoft(R) Windows(TM), a.k.a. the most advancedGravatar Chris Xiong
2018-02-12Now we have unified the GLFW versions (uglily).Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-02-07Hand stupid job to GPU.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-02-06Remove nonsense.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-02-03Fixed texture locking for sure this time.Gravatar Chris Xiong