AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-01Make the new argument for smVidMode actually work.HEADmasterGravatar Chris Xiong
2020-04-28Added routines needed for off-screen rendering.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2020-02-15Right-aligned texts are now correctly spaced. Line spacing is now more consis...Gravatar Chris Xiong
2020-02-15Added 3 methods for getting certain types of system information.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2020-02-14Fix a incorrect ilConvertImage function call.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2019-10-06Dumb build doesn't need OpenAL.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2019-09-13cmake: generate position independent code, add missing include dirs.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2019-06-15Fix building of the example application.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2019-06-15DevIL supportGravatar Gary Wang
2019-06-15Basic CMake supportGravatar Gary Wang
2019-06-15Added DevIL as an option for image loader.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-02-13Fixed building on Microsoft(R) Windows(TM), a.k.a. the most advancedGravatar Chris Xiong
2018-02-12Now we have unified the GLFW versions (uglily).Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-02-07Hand stupid job to GPU.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-02-06Remove nonsense.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-02-03Fixed texture locking for sure this time.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-02-03Added the GL 3.2+ port.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-01-29No need for make -B anymore.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2017-06-17Fixed example application.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2017-02-10Hopefully this will make SMELT build again.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2017-02-09Emergency fix applied to the makefile.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-12-27Fix stupid crashes.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-10-28Add the GLFW port, still using OpenGL 2.1 though.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-10-25Add more options to the config file.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-05-28Fix right-aligned ttf rendering.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-05-22Initial stubs for the Windows version.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-05-17Merge branch 'master' of github.com:BearKidsTeam/SMELTGravatar Chris Xiong
2016-05-17Fixed a bug in smColorRGBA.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-05-14Update example app.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-05-12Allow drawing scaled truetype fonts.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-05-11Allow truetype fonts to be rendered at arbitrary Z coordinates.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-05-10Update SMELT documentation.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-05-08Fixed a memory leak.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-05-06Add MSAA support.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-05-05Add support for batching vertices with custom indices.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-04-25Compile with -fPIC to allow linkage to libraries.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-01-31Add mouse grabbing.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-01-25Texture options.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2016-01-07Add a new way to hook into smelt.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2015-12-07Add RIFF wave format support. Update documentation.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2015-11-12Add comments in headers.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2015-11-01Add smPath source files.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2015-10-11Add smDtpFileR::getFileCRC.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2015-10-07Make the compiler happy (Remove warnings).Gravatar Chris Xiong
2015-10-07Add comments in the example program.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2015-10-06Add makefile and an example app.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2015-10-06Add the SMELT files...Gravatar Chris Xiong
2015-10-06Initial commitGravatar Chris Xiong