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2020-05-31Load normals from the 3DXML file, added an option for using auto smooth.Gravatar Chris Xiong
Fixed random reference errors. Also fixed several brain farts. 3DXML files generated by Virtools seems to have normals randomly flipped to the other side. There might be some unspecified ordering issues with the vertices in each face. I'm currently using auto smoothing as a workaround.
2019-03-173dxml ported to blender 2.80.Gravatar Chris Xiong
2018-09-07Short description for the 3D XML addon.Gravatar Chris Xiong
Readme for the repo.
2018-09-07Load texture from 3dxml archive if failed to load from the provided texture ↵Gravatar Chris Xiong
directory. Enable smooth rendering and auto smoothing by default.
2018-09-06Initial commit...?Gravatar Chris Xiong